Irving and Ruth Pink Award for Youth Development and Social Justice

Nova Scotia Legal Aid believes in “connecting better” with communities we are here to serve. Legal Aid is not the only organization which understands the importance of seeking to understand. With this in mind, I wanted to take the time to share an article which highlights the work of the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society (to which all lawyers belong) and, in particular, the work of Emma Halpern in promoting the importance of connecting with communities we serve: NSBS Spring 2016 Halpern Community Engagement

In Emma’s words this is all “about engaging directly with the diverse communities of this Province who frequently do not have a voice in our justice system. We are trying to…build relationships and truly hear people’s stories and experience”.

The photo shown is from the Dalhousie Legal Aid Service Social Justice Soiree where Emma gave her keynote.

Legal Aid Ontario is also committed to meeting with economically vulnerable and racialized communities to learn about the most pressing needs. In the words of their press release:

LAO will consult with clients, the private bar, community legal clinics and community service providers to identify barriers faced by racialized communities in accessing justice and develop strategies to address those barriers. LAO will also identify gaps and enhance services, programs and resources to offer increased access to justice”.