HIV is Not a Crime National Training Academy

From May 17 to 20, 2016 Megan Longley, Service Delivery Director, attended the ‘HIV is Not a Crime National Training Academy’ in Huntsville, Alabama ( ). Megan was asked by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network (who arranged funding for the trip) to be part of the Canadian delegation made up of lawyers, academics and advocates from across the country who are pictured here.  

Megan became involved in the movement to end criminalisation of HIV in 2013 when she successfully defended two cases dealing with HIV disclosure. The cases addressed the issue of whether an HIV+ person is guilty of aggravated sex assault if they have not disclosed their HIV status, even in instances where there was no realistic chance of transmission. One of those cases was reported across Canada and internationally as offering hope and a new approach to defending these cases ( ).  Megan continues to work on this important justice issue provincially and through the Canadian Legal Network.