Heating Assistance Rebate Program & Seniors Care Grant

The Heating Assistance Rebate Program helps low-and moderate-income Nova Scotians with the cost of home heating. Rebates are $600 for each household and details can be found here:  Heating Assistance Rebate Program

There is also a  $750 Seniors Care Grant available for assistance with household services like lawn care, snow removal, etc. and details can be found here:  Seniors Care Grant

You can apply to these programs until March 31, 2024.

More Seniors Now Eligible for Rent Supplements

Changes to the Province’s rent supplement program will expand eligibility for low-income seniors and put more money in the pockets of seniors who receive the supplement.

“We know many people are struggling to find an affordable place to live and a rent supplement can help with the cost of rent – especially for low-income seniors,” said John Lohr, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. “I made a commitment to Nova Scotians to do whatever I can to ensure as many people as possible have access to safe and affordable housing, faster. We are looking at our programs and practices and making changes that will make a difference to Nova Scotians in need.”

Effective today, October 10, Nova Scotia, with the support of the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), is changing the criteria used to determine seniors’ eligibility for the supplement and the formula for the amount they can receive.

The criteria and formula had both used 95 per cent of the average market rent in the senior’s area rather than the full amount. Now, 100 per cent of the average market rent is used, which means more seniors will qualify and the supplement increases.

With the eligibility change, more than 100 low-income seniors could qualify for a supplement. Seniors who have previously applied to the program but did not qualify must reapply.

Details regarding this program can be found at:  Rent Supplement Program

2022-2023 Annual Report

The Nova Scotia Legal Aid Commission’s 2022-23 Annual Report is now available and can be found on the About Us, Legal Aid Publications page, or at this link:   2022-2023 Annual Report

National Duty Counsel Day – October 27, 2023 – Teacher Registration

Below please find information regarding the above-noted which you may wish to share within your community. Further information regarding Duty Counsel Day can be found at: National Duty Counsel Day.


Hey teachers!
If you like justice, we have a day for you. October 27 is Duty Counsel Day. Deliver informative, curriculum-based lessons based on the role of legal aid duty counsel in the Canadian justice system. Our free lesson library is full of ideas you can download and use for your classroom or virtual classroom. Register now for your free teaching kit.

Duty Counsel Day in the Classroom (knowdutycounsel.ca)

National Indigenous Peoples Day – June 21, 2023

Today is National Indigenous Peoples Day. It is an opportunity for us to recognize and celebrate First Nations, Inuit, and Metis Peoples of Canada. June 21st was chosen as National Indigenous Peoples Day to take place on the summer solstice. It is an opportunity for us to show respect and to learn about the rich cultural history of the many Indigenous peoples and communities across Turtle Island.

We hope you will have some time over the coming days to take part in events around the province and to explore the many resources available. To that end, we are sharing some resources and event information:

We hope everyone has the opportunity to take in the North American Indigenous Games in July. They will be exciting to watch, and we are looking forward to the Canoe Kayak events on Lake Banook.

Happy National Indigenous Peoples Day!

NSLA Online Chats Temporarily Cancelled

The Family Online Chat scheduled for May 30, 2023 and the Social Justice Online Chat scheduled for May 31, 2023 have been cancelled due to the forest fires and affected staff. We are hopeful that online chats will be back on schedule next week. We appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience.

NS Legal Aid Commission 2023-2028 Strategic Plan

The Nova Scotia Legal Aid Commission is pleased to share its 2023-2028 Strategic Plan: NSLAC 2023-2028 Strategic Plan

The Commission is committed to continuing to enhance access to justice with a focus on economically vulnerable and historically disadvantaged Nova Scotians. The 2023-2028 Strategic Plan identifies Service Delivery, Innovation and Technology, and People and Culture goals for improved and more accessible services enabling Nova Scotians access to justice, while at the same time focuses on the wellness and diversity of the staff providing those services.

The Strategic Plan, as well as other publications, can also be found in Legal Aid Publications under the About Us tab of our website.

2022 NSLA Commission R. Gordon Murray, KC Award

We are pleased to share that the first recipient of the NSLA Commission’s R. Gordon Murray, KC Award is Roger Burrill. The award is given based on Murray’s legacy to recognize the impact a recipient has on the legal aid movement. The award recognizes that legal aid is a living evolving pillar of justice and fairness. Roger embodies the values of NSLA: excellence, respect, client focused, fearlessness and collaboration. The advocacy he has provided extends beyond this province and has had an impact across the country, including most recently his role as senior Commission Counsel for the Mass Casualty Commission. As Gordon said himself in an email response read to Roger on the evening of his award presentation, “Roger Burrill raises the bar for what the award is meant to be. Roger is a brilliant lawyer whose social conscience has formed his career. Roger is a modest man who uses his talents to fight for his clients and not to promote himself. Roger has added to the quality of Legal Aid.” Congratulations Roger!

2022 NSLA Commission Innovation in Service Delivery Award

We are pleased to share that the recipient of the NSLA Commission’s 2022 Innovation in Service Delivery Award is Tammy Wohler. Tammy Wohler is the Managing Lawyer of the Halifax Social Justice Office. The award recognizes innovation in how things are done at NSLA. Tammy was recognized for her tremendous advocacy in housing issues; particularly during the pandemic raising the profile on issues like renovictions through the use of media and social media. Tammy hosts the Social Justice online chats every Thursday. She provides outreach through Eastern Chebucto Hub Organization (ECHO), reachAbility, Halifax Refugee Clinic, Canadian Bar Assocation and the Parent Information Program through the Supreme Court Family Division. Tammy has been an instrumental role in expanding social justice delivery throughout Nova Scotia to assist clients from Yarmouth to Sydney. As her colleague, Tanya Jones says of her, “Tammy has and will continue to innovate, help and effectively advocate for those most in need while at the same time making time to share her knowledge with other lawyers.” Congratulations Tammy!

2022 NSLA Commission Community Leadership Award

We are pleased to share that the recipient of the NSLA Commission’s 2022 Community Leadership Award is Maureen Kakonyi. The award recognizes the exceptional and selfless services to others using personal time that enhances the image of NSLA and increases public awareness of those who work for NSLA. Maureen has been an active community member for many years and most recently hosted a Tea Party at the Dartmouth Family Office bringing together 14 different community organizations to share information about each other’s services and the services NSLA provides. Well done, Maureen!