Canada Bar Association Women’s Forum Section Meeting – “Different Career Paths: What You Can Do With Your Law Degree

Krista Forbes, Managing Lawyer, Halifax Office (Family), Nova Scotia Legal Aid was a featured speaker at the November 7, 2016 CBA Women’s Forum Section Meeting.  This was a Forum where the presenters talked about their career path and use of their law degrees, from private practice to government solicitor, to Legal Aid and the Public Prosecution Service and all the other options, including taking breaks in their practice to have a family, or go back to school, or take another job

It was an opportunity for members to ask about the experiences of the speakers, good and bad, as women in law.

Pictured in the photo are:  Michelle Higgins, Executive Director, Court Services; Krista Forbes, Managing Lawyer, Nova Scotia Legal Aid Halifax Office (Family); Julia Cornish, QC, Partner, Sealy Cornish Coulthard; Susan MacKay, Senior Crown Attorney, NS Public Prosecution Service. Missing from the photo is Dana MacKenzie, Managing Director of Employee Relations with the Public Service Commission.