North Preston resident impressed by Land Title Initiative legal services delivered by Nova Scotia Legal Aid Staff Lawyer

In July 2018, Nova Scotia Legal Aid (NSLA) announced that we have commenced providing legal services pursuant to the new Land Title Initiative (LTI) in East Preston, North Preston, Cherry Brook/Lake Loon, Sunnyville and Lincolnville.  In collaboration with a number of government stakeholders, NSLA has been assisting land owners in these communities remove barriers to obtaining migration services and legal title to their land.  This is helping to address the unequal treatment that African Nova Scotians have traditionally faced.

Beazley Cain is one of these Nova Scotians.  Mr. Cain is a lifelong resident of North Preston.  He is an active community member who is happy that this initiative has begun.

Recently, Gordon Blackmore, who is the Staff Lawyer working in our Halifax Land Title Office, met with Mr. Cain to discuss the LTI and his experience with the program. Mr. Cain has two properties that require land titles work.  Mr. Blackmore assisted Mr. Cain by having the title certified, and migrated, for one of his properties.  The necessary legal work for Mr. Cain’s second property is in progress.  This property will require a Certificate of Title.

Gordon Blackmore

Mr. Cain first became aware of the LTI at a meeting at the North Preston Recreation Centre.  He was excited that something was finally being done to address these historic land claims issues. He did admit his initial skepticism because he remembered similar programs in the past.  He was also worried that something would derail the process.

Mr. Cain is happy with the personal service offered by NSLA, indicating he was impressed with our punctuality and professionalism.  He was pleased that we are able to meet him at a time and location that is convenient for him.  Above all, he is thrilled to have his own lawyer.  He said, “It feels good knowing I have someone to look to” (for help with the LTI process).

Mr. Cain said that the time is right for land title clarification.  He has children and wants to make sure that his children are left clear title to the family property when he dies.

The Dartmouth Land Title Office is also fully operational and a story on the success clients of that Office are also experiencing will be released in the near future.

If you reside, or own real property, in North Preston, East Preston, Cherry Brook/Lake Loom, Sunnyville, or Lincolnville, and have title issues/need migration services, please contact Nova Scotia Legal Aid to apply for free legal services:

Inquiries can be sent to or by fax to 902-420-6561.