Halifax Pridewalk

Morgan Manzer, freshly invigorated from his attendance at Toronto Pride on the July 1st weekend, amped up his work with Halifax Pride in preparation for the Festival from July 14-24, 2016.

A Staff Lawyer with Nova Scotia Legal Aid and Board member with Halifax Pride, Morgan is seen here with Mayor Mike Savage and Councillor Jennifer Watts, introducing the city to the first Pride crosswalk or “Pridewalk” as coined by Mayor Savage. This year’s Festival theme, “This Is Why”, strives to answer the question of why Pride is still tremendously important.

LGBTQ+ people continue to experience disadvantages and discrimination in employment. All LGBTQ+ persons should be afforded the same opportunity as me – to be able to bring their full selves to work and achieve their full professional potential. This is why Pride matters to me.” – Morgan Manzer