Entrées par Lisa Stokkeskog

Statement from the NSLA Equity and Racial Diversity Committee on Halifax Street Checks Report by Dr. Scot Wortley

The Equity and Racial Diversity Committee (ERDC) on behalf of Nova Scotia Legal Aid (NSLA) welcomes the report of Dr. Scot Wortley on Halifax street checks. The profound results show that African Nova Scotian males are grossly over-represented in the street check data. Dr. Wortley in summarizing his findings, stated as follows: Personally, after years […]

2019-2020 Business Plan

We are pleased to share the Nova Scotia Legal Aid Commission’s 2019-2020 Business Plan:  NSLAC 2019-2020 Business Plan. The Business Plan can also be found in Legal Aid Publications under the About Us tab.

Canadian Superior Courts Judges Association – YouTube Channel

The Canadian Superior Courts Judges Association has launched a YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/judgesincanadalesjugesaucanada) and below is an excerpt from their web page regarding the new educational videos available. ——————– A critical piece in maintaining, preserving and enhancing the Canadian system of justice is educating the public. This is also one of the objectives of the Canadian […]

Home Heating Assistance

For help with heating costs this winter, the following programs are available to Nova Scotia families: Nova Scotia Heating Assistance Rebate Program: https://beta.novascotia.ca/apply-heating-assistance-rebate-heating-assistance-rebate-program The Salvation Army – The Good Neighbour Energy Fund: https://salvationarmy.ca/maritime/home/programs/gnef/?_ga=2.27593212.1508439806.1543591095-1295702875.1543591095

Continuing the Dialogue – National Self-Represented Litigants Project Report

In October 2018, 15 self-represented litigants (SRLs) and 45 justice system representatives took part in facilitated plenary discussions, small working group discussions focused on specific issues related to SRLs and the justice system, listened to panels presented by both SRLs and justice system insiders, and attended small networking events. Below is a copy of the […]

East Preston resident pleased with successful migration of her land by Nova Scotia Legal Aid’s Dartmouth Land Title Office

Having clear title to your land is important in more ways than you may realize. Migrating your property to the new land registration system signifies clear title to the government. This, in turn, allows you to have a real say over your property. The following story shows the difference having clear title can make. A […]

North Preston resident impressed by Land Title Initiative legal services delivered by Nova Scotia Legal Aid Staff Lawyer

In July 2018, Nova Scotia Legal Aid (NSLA) announced that we have commenced providing legal services pursuant to the new Land Title Initiative (LTI) in East Preston, North Preston, Cherry Brook/Lake Loon, Sunnyville and Lincolnville.  In collaboration with a number of government stakeholders, NSLA has been assisting land owners in these communities remove barriers to […]