East Preston resident pleased with successful migration of her land by Nova Scotia Legal Aid’s Dartmouth Land Title Office

Having clear title to your land is important in more ways than you may realize. Migrating your property to the new land registration system signifies clear title to the government. This, in turn, allows you to have a real say over your property. The following story shows the difference having clear title can make.

A long-time community member of East Preston and client of the Land Title Initiative, who wishes to remain anonymous, learned about the Initiative through a friend. Their friend attended one of the community meetings early this year. Concerned for the community, this individual told the client and others that everyone should apply to ensure clear title to their land. Heeding these words, the client applied to the Initiative.

The client has owned the property since 1997 and wished to have the property migrated into the new land registration system.  Ms. Shanisha Grant, the Staff Lawyer working in the Dartmouth Land Title Office, met with the client to explain the migration process and gather additional information about the property.  Once a historical search of the property was completed and reviewed with the client, the property was successfully migrated to the new land registration system.

The process was speedy, taking only three months to complete the property migration. Ms. Grant received the application this past July and successfully completed the migration by early September 2018.  When talking about her experience with the Initiative, the client stated, “I was very pleased with the experience I had working with the Initiative and the work that was done.” She also expressed having peace of mind, affirming that, “it feels good knowing that it’s done and that I can relax and not have to worry about it anymore.”

Having the land migrated certifies to the government that the client has clear title to her land. She is now free to obtain a mortgage, sell her property, or pass her property down to her children if she wishes.

If you reside, or own real property, in North Preston, East Preston, Cherry Brook/Lake Loon, Sunnyville, or Lincolnville, and have land title issues/need migration services, please contact Nova Scotia Legal Aid to apply for free legal services:

Inquiries can be sent to lti@nslegalaid.ca or by fax to 902-420-6561.