Do you Need Advice on Obtaining a Peace Bond?

Obtaining a Peace Bond




Do you need advice on obtaining a peace bond?

Nova Scotia Legal Aid (NSLA) is committed to assisting people applying for peace bond orders.  A peace bond is a court order to stay away from a person(s) or property and is issued by a Judge or Justice of the Peace upon reviewing evidence and hearing witnesses.  A peace bond lasts for one year.  If you are fearful of your safety or the safety of someone in your family, you may want to consider seeking a peace bond, in addition to other safety planning steps.

NSLA recognizes that the process of applying for and appearing in court to request the peace bond order can be difficult and we are here to help.  NSLA Staff Lawyers can assist by explaining the steps required to begin a peace bond application and then explaining the court process.  Peace bond hearings will take place over the telephone as part of the courts of Nova Scotia’s ongoing response to COVID-19.

If you are seeking assistance to apply for a peace bond, you can contact Nova Scotia Legal Aid at 902-420-7800 or apply online at: A lawyer will contact you and provide you with confidential advice and assistance.

PDF Version:  Peace Bonds