Amendments to the Incompetent Persons Act

Below please find a November 1, 2016 communication from the Deputy Minister of Justice.  Please note the November 30, 2016 deadline for completing the survey.

In collaboration with the provincial Departments of Health & Wellness, Community Services and Seniors, the Department of Justice has reviewed the Incompetent Persons Act. 

 The Department of Justice intends to replace the Act with modernized guardianship legislation that would better respect the rights of those who have experienced some loss of mental capacity and help to ensure their needs are met.  We are seeking your feedback on the proposed changes.  

 An online survey is available at:   

More information can be found at:  

The deadline for submitting comments is November 30th.  The Departments of Justice, Health & Wellness, Community Services, and Seniors will use the feedback received to help inform the new legislation. 

 Yours sincerely,

 Karen Hudson, Q.C.
Deputy Minister of Justice