Notes for completing your online application for legal aid:

We MUST have a way to contact you.  If you don’t put contact information on your form it won’t be processed.  If you want to be contacted by text message we need to know your phone provider.  (Bell, Telus, Kudo, etc.)

Incomplete applications will delay the assigning of a lawyer to you.  Please complete the form to the best of your ability.

Nova Scotia Legal Aid handles a variety of different legal matters for Nova Scotians. For a full breakdown of what services are offered please see this page on our website: What we do – What Legal Services Provided

Family (separation, divorce, custody, access, child support, alimony, Child Protective Services/Mi’Kmaw Family and Children Services.)

  • If this is CPS/MMFS please indicate under why you need help.
  • Please indicate the opposing party.
  • Please indicate the city/town where the children live if children are involved.

Criminal (criminal charges have been laid against you or will be laid, includes traffic offences.)

  • If you were a youth (under 18 years old) when the alleged crime occurred please check the youth box.
  • What city/town are you scheduled to appear in court in, or expect to be appearing in?
  • What have YOU been charged with or do you anticipate being charged with?
  • Do not fill in someone else’s charges here (for example, if your estranged spouse is being charged with domestic violence).

Social Justice (EI, CPP, Income Assistance, disability, residential tenancies.)

  • If you have a court date please indicate where and when.

Other (NSLA may assist with other matters, as per our website.)

  • If you have a court date please indicate where and when.

Please allow for 5 business days for your form to be received and processed by an office.