Nova Scotia Legal Aid to Provide Service for Land Title Initiative

Nova Scotia Legal Aid is pleased to receive funding from the Province of Nova Scotia which will allow us to provide service assisting Nova Scotians to obtain title to their land in the five Communities of East Preston, North Preston, Cherry Brook, Lincolnville, and Sunnyville. These five communities, among others, have suffered from historical discrimination that has prevented people from receiving legal title to the land they own. The Province is working with stakeholders, including NSLA, to remove barriers to the clarification of land ownership and address the unequal treatment that African Nova Scotians have faced.

Service will be provided through the creation of two positions for lawyers from African Nova Scotian communities who will provide dedicated service on these files. These lawyers will operate independent of government and provide confidential solicitor services. We are currently advertising to fill these and support staff positions. Position postings can be found on our website.

We will be accepting applications in our offices or online (, although we will not be able to assign a lawyer or start work until the positions are filled. Once we are up and running, a notice will be posted on our website and Twitter feed.

Service provided will include:

  • obtaining a Certificate of Title under the Land Titles Clarification Act (LTCA) (which requires migration after issuance of the certificate);
  • migration under the Land Registration Act;
  • court ordered declarations and negotiation between private parties; and
    applications under the Probate Act/Intestate Succession Act.

Applicants for service under this initiative will not need to meet financial eligibility guidelines. Files will be assessed for merit and we can currently only provide service in the above five communities. Please contact with any inquiries.

More information on the Provincial initiative is available here: