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    Nova Scotia Legal Aid handles a variety of different legal matters for Nova Scotians. For a full breakdown of what services are offered please see this page on our website: What we do - What Legal Services Provided
    Family Matter
    Please indicate briefly why you need help. Do not go into great detail - you have only 180 characters (2 lines)
    Do you require legal assistance due to Child Protective Services or Mi'Kmaw Family & Children Services of Nova Scotia being involved with your family?
    All family matters have at least two sides. Who is the opposing party in your matter?
    Criminal Matter
    What have YOU been charged with or do you anticipate being charged with? Do not fill in someone else's charges here (for example, if your estranged spouse is being charged with domestic violence).
    What city/town are you scheduled to appear in court in, or expect to be appearing in?
    Social Justice
    Please briefly describe the matter you need help with.
    Court Location
    If your family or financial situation hasn't changed since the last time you had legal aid please note this - this may help to speed up your application process.
    People receiving IA/MA have reduced requirements to provide financial information.