Director of Legal Services Appointment

We are pleased to share that Samira Zayid is the new Director of Legal Services for Nova Scotia Legal Aid effective April 25, 2022.

Samira is entering her 29th year as a lawyer and has spent 26 of those years at Nova Scotia Legal Aid. She first came to NSLA as an Articled Clerk and after a brief 2-year period in private practice, she returned NSLA and has never left.

She has spent her time at Legal Aid practicing exclusively in the field of family law. This has meant helping our clients deal with many problems in the areas of child protection, custody, parenting, support, and divorce.

In 2018, Samira became the Managing Lawyer of the Dartmouth Family Office, which then expanded to include management of the Child Protection Practice Group when that office opened in 2020.

She has also found time over the years to sit on many different committees including:

• Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society Family Law Standards Committee
• Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society Bench & Bar Supreme Court Liaison Committee (Family Division)
• Halifax Domestic Violence Court (Subcommittee assisting in the implementation)
• Supreme Court of Nova Scotia (Family Division) Child Protection (Bench & Bar)
• Nova Scotia Maintenance Enforcement Program Review Committee
• NSLA’s Children & Family Services Act Committee

Samira has also volunteered as a facilitator at the Supreme Court Family Division for the Parent Information Program continuously since 1996.

Congratulations Samira and welcome to your new role!