How to Apply

To apply for Nova Scotia Legal Aid (NSLA) services, one must complete a NSLA Application form.  The Application requires certain information before service will be considered.  We require:

  1. Your full name;
  2. Your birth date;
  3. Your contact information – mailing address and/or email address;
  4. Your financial information – your monthly income, your monthly expenses and debts and your assets, such as a house, a car, bank balance, RSPs and so forth.  The financial information is necessary as your must qualify financially for legal aid.

There are 5 ways to apply for Nova Scotia Legal Aid service:

  1. In person at one of our 18 regional offices.  Call for an appointment and then complete an Application at that office if it is the nearest office for your court matter.
  2. In person at any of our 18 regional offices – To complete an application at the Legal Aid Office to send on to the actual office that will be dealing with your issue.  For example, if you live in Halifax and have a court matter in Truro, you may complete an Application at any of our Halifax Offices and the Application will be forwarded to our Truro Office.  The Truro Office will contact you within a few days.
  3. By fax – (See our office fax numbers on this website under “Contact Us”) – Fax your Application directly to the Legal Aid Office for your matter.  Print off the Application below.
  4. By regular mail – Print the Online Application and mail it directly to the Legal Aid Office.
  5. By email, using the Online Application Form (See our office addresses on this website under “Contact Us").  If you are applying by email, it will be sent to a central office first and then forwarded to the Legal Aid Office which services your area.  Please allow a few business days for the Legal Aid Office that receives your Application to contact you regarding your Application.

If you have any questions about the Application form, you may call any of our regional offices.

If Legal Aid services are being granted to you, it may be necessary for you to confirm your identification by producing your Health Card, your driver’s licence, or other acceptable identification.